Intelligent Weatherization

Air Sealing Site Built Homes

A complete analysis of the pressure boundary, including an introduction to blower door testing, duct diagnostics and repairs, general air sealing techniques, zonal pressure testing, building tightness guidelines and setting practical goals for air sealing homes. Typical diagnostic tools as well as air sealing products will be demonstrated.
Building Technician Module

Day 1: Air Sealing Basics
This one-day segment of Air Sealing Site-Built Homes is designed to provide auditors and installers with thorough knowledge of the air sealing approach that is used in Indiana’s Weatherization Program. Topics covered are: the weatherization process, the Indiana Field Guide and Work Order and the distinction between major and minor air sealing measures.  This segment also covers building science concepts related to air movement in and out of houses, the function of air sealing versus the function of insulation, determining a building’s pressure boundary, the impact of balloon versus platform framing, and workplace safety.

Day 2: Air Sealing Strategies
This one-day segment of Air Sealing Site-Built Homes is designed to teach auditors and installers how and what to install to reduce air leakage in houses.   Topics covered are: sealing houses high and low, leaving minor air leakage sites for last if at all, and common air sealing materials and tools.  Additionally, students will learn how to operate the blower door.

Day 3: Pressure Diagnostics and Duct Sealing
This one-day segment of Air Sealing Site-Built Homes is dedicated to teaching auditors and installers how to use zone pressure diagnostics as well as the basics of duct sealing. Topics covered related to zone pressure diagnostics are: ZPD concepts and background, collecting and interpreting PDs and an introduction to the “Open-a-hole method”. Topics related to duct sealing are: using the pressure pan to identify duct leakage, prioritizing duct leakage, and materials and techniques for sealing ducts.