Intelligent Weatherization

Mobile Home Weatherization

This one day course is designed to address the unique characteristics of mobile homes.  It has been updated to focus on the latest, most cost effective weatherization approaches, such as duct sealing and “belly blow”.  This course is aimed at crew members as well as auditors. Building Technician Module

Day 1: Weatherizing Mobile Homes
Mobile Home Weatherization is designed to provide auditors and installers with the knowledge required to effectively weatherize a mobile home.   Topics include:  what makes mobile homes different than site-built houses, a brief history of the weatherization approach to mobile homes, and detailed coverage of current mobile home measures.  This segment also provides guidance about features that are unique to mobile homes including: rodent barriers, swag bellies, bow string trusses and package air conditioner ducts and dampers.  This segment also provides detailed instruction on when and how to add insulation to mobile homes.