Intelligent Weatherization


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BPI Testing

As a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Test Center, Indiana Community Action Association‘s  (InCAA’s) Intelligent Weatherization training center is authorized to administer exams; provide proctors, equipment and facilities for exams; and submit exam results to BPI. We are committed to upholding BPI’s Test Center values of “consistency, fairness and impartiality to ensure a qualified home performance workforce.”

You may participate in BPI testing at InCAA whether  you have undergone training at InCAA’s Intelligent Weatherization training center or another training center.

Pricing for BPI Testing

  • $350 written exam
  • $600 field exam
  • $600 Multi-family Building Analyst (both online and field exams)

For more information, please contact Melissa Dauby via email or phone (toll-free) at (800) 382-9895.

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