Intelligent Weatherization

Course Description – Quality Control Inspector

Course Description: Quality Control Inspector

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Job Task Analysis

Quality Control Inspector

An IREC-accredited Course

Final Inspector/Quality Control Inspector is a course that has been accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

Course Trainer

Chris Willman is a Building Performance Institute certified professional.

Course Description

At the root of every successful completion is a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of the entire Weatherization process. This course is designed to comprehensively encompass the domains and tasks as required for the Quality Control Inspector(QCI) and outlined within Job Task Analysis for QCI. During each day of class, there will be ample time to discuss questions and various scenarios from attendees. We will also spend time reviewing DOE and IHCDA policy, as well as BPI standards throughout this course.

Day 1: We will cover the steps/application process as outlines by BPI. The course will follow the JTA, beginning with Domain 1: In-Process Evaluation while speaking to the details required with the in-process evaluation, including verification of compliance of safety regulations and evaluation of the in-process work quality.

Day 2: We will focus our time on the Post-Work Evaluation and process. This will include a lecture on verifying installed measures and initial assessment of details; evaluating installed measures for compliance with standards; and ensuring complete understanding of the abilities and knowledge required to perform a high quality inspection.

Day 3: We will focus on Project Compliance and Completion by discussing whether policy requirements for a successful completion have been met. We will also complete a mock full file and job review by writing up a QCI report, including the importance of writing reports that include commendations, identification of trends, and a diplomatic style of writing.

Course Objectives

This course will:

  • detail all diagnostic procedures for shell, mechanical, and health and safety
  • look at the appropriateness of audit procedures and work-scope effectiveness
  • explore ways to evaluate all aspects of the weatherization process, looking for opportunities to improve our product
  • evaluate the need for an interim inspection and site visits for crews in progress
  • identify what work meets expectations and where improvements are necessary
  • detail how to proceed with the need for additional work

Course Details

  • Three days of course instruction and demonstrations
  • Written test at end of day four
  • Customized to meet your network’s needs

What You Will Learn

  • to understand the house as a system
  • local regulations and standards
  • purpose of monitoring and inspecting
  • what should be included in an inspector’s “toolbox”
  • how to use diagnostic tools and interpret findings
  • how to conduct quality checks for work in progress and post-work
  • how to perform exterior and interior visual/sensory and diagnostic inspections
  • ways to ensure workers’ professionalism
  • how to evaluate client satisfaction
  • how to ensure program or project compliance
  • how to report findings
  • and more!

Course Prerequisite

Successful completion of the Energy Auditor course or equivalent

What is a Quality Control Inspector (QCI)?

A quality control inspector is a residential energy-efficiency professional who ensures the completion, appropriateness and quality of energy upgrade work by:

  • conducting a methodological audit/inspection of a building
  • performing safety and diagnostic tests
  • observing the work.

About NREL’s Job Task Analysis

The Final Inspector course follows the NREL’s Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis (JTA). The JTA is the foundation for the IREC credentialing program, identifying critical knowledge areas, work functions and skills for a professional working in the field.

The JTA was created by subject matter experts (SMEs) and includes a blueprint for the examination used in the course.