Intelligent Weatherization

Weatherization Forms

Weatherization Forms

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Hard Copy Forms

Indiana Weatherization Gas Appliance Inspection Procedure (2015), posted 04/10/15

Gas Boiler Inspection Guide

Oil Furnace Inspection Guide

New Furnace Inspection – Gas, posted 4/29/2019

Client Consent Form, posted 4/29/2019

Occupant Health Screening Form, posted 4/29/2019

Gas Cook Stove Inspection Form 2019, posted 4/29/2019

Gas Appliance Inspection Form, posted 4/29/2019

Daily Safety Test-Out Summary Sheet, posted 4/29/2019

Electric Heat Inspection Form, posted 4/29/2019

Certificate of Insulation, posted 4/29/2019

QCI Final Inspection Form, posted 4/29/2019

SWS Variances Approved 5-2015 w/IHCDA Comments, posted 4/29/2019

Electronic Forms

ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Sizing – updated 7/10/18

Automated Heat Loss Form – updated 5/5/2015

Work Order Cover Sheet – Mobile Home, posted 4/29/2019

Work Order Cover Sheet – NEAT/MHEA Cover, posted 4/29/2019

Work Order One-Story, posted 4/29/2019

Work Order Two-Story, posted 4/29/2019

Crawl Space Signage, posted 4/29/2019

Unvented Space Heater, posted 4/29/2019

Moisture Assessment Form 2019, posted 4/29/2019